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There are like a billion social media platforms out there for sharing content. How the heck are you supposed to know which one to use? Having an idea and wanting to share your creations are half the battle. However, selecting the appropriate content creator platforms can make all the difference in achieving success. 

Now is the perfect time to become a content creator. But there are so many platforms to choose from. Different apps are always trending left and right, and some flat-out cease to exist (RIP Vine). 

Don’t panic, though, because it’s not as scary as it seems. Let’s learn about social media content creators and what platforms can turn you into a content-making machine.  

What Is a Social Media Content Creator?

Once a hobby has now become a full-blown career. You might know them better by the Gen Z term “Influencers.” 

A social media content creator is exactly what it sounds like. Their role is basically to share content to educate and/or entertain their audiences. Creators actually do a ton of cool things - everything from sharing tutorials/recipes, workout routines, releasing new music, or even sharing encouraging advice. Many of these creators have gone on to publish their first book, sign their first record deal, or partner with really popular brands. Their achievements are out of this world!

Social media content creators, however, are literally gurus of the internet. Their ability to understand constantly changing online trends and what works for certain audiences is a superpower. It’s so much more involved than what it seems on the surface. It requires many skills like copywriting, video production/editing, community engagement, analytic reporting, online reputation management, and so much more. It sounds crazy impossible to be a content creator, but really it’s not. Anyone can create content! 

Platforms For Social Media Content Creation

Now that we know what social media content creators actually do, let’s talk about the platforms they use. Keep in mind these are just the more popular creator platforms out there. There are so many platforms that can meet your needs as a creator. 

  1. Youtube
    YouTube has been around since 2005 when most of us were still baby social media users. Many popular social media content creators actually got their start on YouTube. It’s still a wildly popular video-sharing platform. Uploading videos here is completely free and a great way to share entertaining video content with your audience. 
  1. Twitter
    Twitter is another popular platform for content creators. It allows you to share your thoughts and ideas with a greater audience in just a few sentences. This platform is great for connecting with your community and even sharing links to your creations. 
  1. Instagram
    Instagram isn’t just for posting selfies anymore. It’s a great platform for sharing your creations with your community. You can post pictures of your artwork or your workout transformations. Its many features make it a great place to share content. 
  1. Tiktok
    TikTok, the new kid on the block in the social media world, is typically a favorite platform for new content creators. People gain millions of views on their videos and grow their audiences pretty fast. Once you get the algorithm working in your favor, TikTok can be great for sharing what you create. 
  1. Podcasts
    Podcasts are a great way to grow a following. Especially if you’re knowledgeable or passionate about a specific topic (And no, we don’t mean one of those alpha-male podcasts). You’ll be surprised by how many people are excited to tune in! 
  1. Blogging
    Maintaining a blog lets you share your ideas worldwide! Find your niche, and write about what’s important to you. The great thing about blogs is that they can align with your passions, which makes social media content creation that much more special. 

Start Creating

You know what tools you need to succeed as a content creator. Now it’s time to start connecting and start earning what you deserve. Sign up with Ultraviolet and start building your unique club membership. Your fans are waiting!

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