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Ultraviolet: Where Creators Can Earn More

Ultraviolet Experiences

Imagine getting paid for what you love to do. Who wouldn’t want that? Ultraviolet makes this a reality for content creators. 

Content creation is no easy task. Ultraviolet sees the passion and effort you put into sharing great content. You work hard to connect with your community and it’s about time you get something in return. 

Ultraviolet was founded in 2022 in Los Angeles, California to give power back to content creators. It’s a platform that lets creators share exclusive experiences with their top fans. Ultraviolet gives creators the right tools to build their community and monetize the content they create. 

If you’re wondering what else Ultraviolet can do, we’ve got you. Let’s take a look at all the benefits of joining our community and where you can begin.

Ultraviolet Perks and Rewards

First things first, there are tons of features Ultraviolet has to offer both creators and fans. Club memberships are where the rewards really start to roll in. We’re even offering exclusive benefits to new content creators interested in trying Ultraviolet out!

Create Unique Experiences

Start by creating experiences for your fans. What is an experience? It’s basically any exclusive content your fans can purchase when they sign up for your club membership. So what you decide to share is really up to you. Share unreleased music or pictures, sell merch, have 1 on 1 chats or calls, or live stream. The sky is the limit! Yes, we know that’s a cliche, but it’s the truth. You really can share whatever you please!

Club Chat With Your Fans

You have the opportunity to interact with your fans in so many ways. Not only can they buy experiences, but you can engage with them in your very own club chat. Here, you can share pictures, send reactions, or just hang out. Send out prompts and polls for your fans to respond to. This is an amazing opportunity for you to deepen your connection with your fans. As part of your earnings, fans can even tip you during live streams, chats, or anytime they want. 

When you create a club, you’ll get your very own club key! A club key is essentially a personalized, 3D object that represents your club. Each creator’s club key is unique to their own membership! This is going to going to act as a personal membership badge. You and your club members can share this on social media to promote your club. Think of it as a literal key to enter your club!

Creating a club membership with Ultraviolet is truly a great way to connect with your fans on a personal level. Everyone deserves to feel a sense of community. This is the greatest gift you can give to your supporters while also getting the pay you deserve. 

Get Paid For What You’re Already Creating

You create the club, you set the membership price. Once you invite your followers to join your club, they purchase a monthly subscription. Sharing experiences within your club is an additional way for you to earn some extra cash. Creators also get access to bonus payouts or referral bonuses! It’s really that simple. You can hold a 1 on 1 call with a fan in the back of an Uber. Or as you're checking your phone in the morning or right before bed, send out a short prompt or message to your club. It doesn’t get easier than that, and the opportunities to earn more are endless. 

Get The Ultraviolet App

Ultraviolet is releasing a new app to make interacting with your fans that much easier. The app is beta testing at the moment with more and more creators each week to ensure fans and creators get the best app experience possible! Sign up to get early access to the Ultraviolet app benefits. Also, be sure to check out the Earnings Calculator and see how much can be made as an Ultraviolet Creator. 

Starting Connecting Today

Seriously, not getting paid for the content you create isn’t cool. Take your power back and join the Ultraviolet club. Join other creators and start earning with your very own Club!

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