Club Success 101

Creating a Great Club: 5 Step Check-list

We’re going to share a few tips and tricks we’ve found to help you get your club going and start earning more.


Make sure to choose fun club images!

Make sure to choose a high quality image (square images highly recommended)

Don’t forget to add a header image! This is a chance to show off what you do.

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Choose a club name!

Choosing a club name should be something you and your fans can both relate to!

Some great examples of good club names can be: “Matt’s Taekwondo Dojo”, “Jaehyun’s Choreography Club”, “Jess’s Songwriting Studio”.

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Write a great club bio!

You don’t need to be an amazing writer to create a killer bio.

What matters is quickly grabbing attention, explaining what people can expect, and doing it in a fun way!

Your bio as an opportunity to let your fans know what they can expect from your club. It should be 1-3 sentences long, fun, and descriptive about the club experience.

Remember they’re here for you and what you’re offering!


Creating your club key!

Your club key will be your club profile picture as default, but you can always change it if you want.

This will be created in your club pass, where you set a monthly membership fee ($3 – 5 is a good starting point)!

Final note: It doesn’t hurt to change it up. You don’t have to stick to one format forever!

Feel free to go in and switch up some words when you feel like you want to freshen things up, and share with your audience.


Ready to share your club!

Now that you’ve created your club, it's time to share it with your fans 🥳👏🎉

You make the most $$$ when you regularly let your followers know when to support, join, and be a part of the experiences in your club!


TikTok and Instagram Stories are a great way to let your fans know your is live and they can join the fun!

Check out our Share Guide to learn how to apply the club key in your video format.

Learn to use your club key in video format

Creator Share Guide

Share your club with a video club key and show it off on social media!